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Alicia Ericson

03 August 2016

Alicia Ericson Youth Co-Director

Alicia Ericson lives in Fort St. James, BC, and is a part of the Nak’azdli Band. Her parents are Susan Ericson of Nak’azdli, and Laurence Paul Yuxweluptun, a Coast Salish Artist living in Vancouver. While in high school in 2010, she was part of the last Star In Your Own Stories workshop with Hello Cool World and with eleven youth of Nak’azdli Whuten, pulled together to create an informative DVD about HIV and AIDS called “By My Name.” She graduated high school in 2011, and moved on to a Community and School Support program, obtaining her Teacher’s Assistant certificate in 2013.
Currently she is taking part in the Hello Cool World project “Unsettled” which convenes a story circle around the Truth and Reconciliation report, and will be working with us to take teachings from Star in Your Own Stories into the Drawing Wisdom From The Well workshop. As co-director in this documentary, “The Ripple Effect: Stories from the Well,” she will do interviews in her community to explore the impact of these projects on her peers.