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Hello Cool World Media Portfolio Site Launches!

09 October 2014

We are so honoured to have worked with the amazing people that are part of the Circles of Understanding project which educates the public about the devastating impacts of residential schools in Canada.

We're excited to launch our new portfolio site!

We've been so busy making things for our clients, that we have neglected our own portfolio! Those days are over now, Welcome to the new home for Hello Cool World Media, a site to showcase the work that we've been doing for our wonderful clients. Please browse through the thumbnails and dive into the stories that each 'portal' in our portolio opens up. It's still a work in progress so please visit often to see what's new.

We are so honoured to have been working as a partner with the Circles of Understanding project, a multi-media digital story telling initiative which we're featuring in this introductory blog.

 We were first introduced  to the COU project a few years ago by our longtime consultant and collaborator Jolene Andrew. You can see her picture in our team avatar collection! We met Jolene years ago when we did a project with Agentic Digital Media for APTN. Later she joined us as part of the "Action Team" for the LACE Campaign we created for BC Cancer Agency. It all came full circle when she brought our team in to work with her and the others at the Vancouver Aboriginal Community Policing Centre Society (VACPCS) to develop the first Circles of Understanding project. Jolene has moved on to more amazing projects and we've been thrilled to meet new members of the VACPCS team to carry on this important work. We're also very excited that Jolene is part of our Hello Cool World team of consultants.

Working as a partner with not only Jolene, but the inspiring team of people at the VACPCS is a case study in how we like to work best, collaboratively, and in partnership so that all aspects of the project can enrich the others. We shot video originally as way to do the interviews, but were able to turn them also into video materials to supplement the COU workshops.  


Circles of Understanding is a project that fosters understanding and healing through sharing lived experiences of those impacted by the legacy of the residential school system, in order to empower urban Aboriginal individuals and communities.

Hello Cool World undertook the design of 10 display banners and an educational brochure to share these stories. We also created a video from interviews we did with four Elders, about the affect residential schools have had on them and their families. In the second year of this project we created a second brochure and 10 more banners, this time celebrating resilience by focusing on the accomplishments of First Nations people through sharing their stories. We also created a website for the materials created during this project.

The stories of survivors of Indian Residential Schools are not easily shared.

However, we know that an essential aspect of the healing process is for long-held secrets to be revealed.

The people whose portraits you see in these banners are from different nations who share a common message: Canadian history regarding the Indian Residential School System isn’t just about Aboriginal, Metis, Inuit and First Nations people in the distant past; it is about Canada and how our history is affecting people today.

Understanding and compassion are important contributions to the healing that is needed between our peoples, our communities and our nations. These statements are offered in the spirit of unity and healing, recognizing that we are all part of the human family. By understanding each other better, our community and country is strengthened. A society based on honour, respect, fairness and compassion is one in which all children, all families, and all generations can live in safety and reach their full potential. 

Much respect to all those who shared their stories with us so that we could share them with you.


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